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Lloyd's Gardeners - The Professionals You Need For Garden Decking in Manchester

Whenever you need to build or repair garden decking in Manchester, there's one simple service you need:

This option gives you the expertise required to maintain or install any sort of decking in any outside space. Your appointment will begin with an onsite viewing during which you can discuss your plans with an experienced landscape gardener. And you'll always get an all-inclusive, no-obligation quote before your service starts.

Simply give Lloyd's Gardeners a call on 020 3404 2325 or use our contact form to make the arrangements for your onsite viewing or booking. You can do so at any time - 24/7 - and we'll only need to know the answers to the simple questions at the bottom of this page.

Why Hire Lloyd's Gardeners For Decking Installation or Maintenance in Manchester?

  • All landscape gardeners highly trained, experienced, and fully insured
  • The specialised tools and equipment needed to ensure your decking installation or maintenance in Manchester goes ahead without a hitch
  • Your team will properly prepare the area where your decking will lie - with an anti-weed membrane and wooden supports
  • A large number of different colours and shades of decking boards to choose from
  • Weekday, weekend, and Bank Holiday appointments available
  • Make sure your appointment fits in with your schedule as required - we start from 8:00 am and work until 6:30 pm
  • Weather conditions won't stop your team from completing your work

Your Choice of Deck Laying and Repair Services

There are two different versions of this service:

  • Decking installation - the area where your decking is going to lie will be cleared, a membrane laid down, and a base built before your service happens. You can then choose any colour of deck boarding to be used in the final build.
  • Decking repair - including deck cleaning and oiling will restore the original appearance of your decking. Decks worn by sunlight and other weather effects will be scrubbed, and then oiled for a fresh layer of protection.

It'll be down to you to decide what you want your deck laying and repair services in Manchester to include.

Your Professional Decking Services - How to Book Them

There's no hassle or concealed information when you get your decking services in Manchester from us.

Here's how your appointment process will work:

  1. We'll meet with you at your property at a convenient time to take measurements and talk about your project with you
  2. You can get advice on the plans you have, as well as new ideas to help your planning process
  3. Then, within three working days, you'll receive a clear estimate
  4. Once you've agreed, we'll confirm a convenient slot for your booking

And that's it! Your quote will only ever include the cost of completing the task. There are no hourly rates here.